At Katz & Madhok Orthodontics we aim to make private treatment as affordable as possible.  We offer interest free payment plan and a range of repayment periods allowing you to spread the cost over the treatment duration. The cost of treatment varies according to the complexity and duration.

Our treatment fees are fully inclusive and cover all appointments during the active treatment and a six-month post-treatment follow up appointment.

Fee Guide

Initial/Recall Consultations £50.00
Records Request £80.00 
Retention Appointments £50
OPG £60
Lateral Ceph £60
Removable Retainer - PP £180 - £90 per retainer
Removable Retainer - NHS £161.40 - £80.70 per retainer
Removable Retainer - Outside Pt £50 for appointment + cost of rets
Fixed Retainers £250 Fixed Retainer Repair £50 for appointment + up to £120 Outside Patient Trouble £50 for appointment + up to £120 Teeth Whitening from £300 Bleaching Trays U + L £180 Whitening Gel Refills (Polanight 10%) £45 for appointment + £55 Gum Guard Custom - No Brace £90 Gum Guard Custom - With Brace £100 Brace Removal (Metal) £180 + retainer choice cost Brace Removal (Ceramic) £250 + retainer choice cost

Child Treatment

Metal Braces
Single Arch from £1,800
Upper & Lower Treatment   from £2,800

Adult Treatment

Metal Braces
Single Arch from £2,200
Upper & Lower Treatment   from £3,200

Clear (Ceramic) Braces Upper Only additional £600
Upper & Lower additional £800

Invisalign®  Upper & Lower Treatment (9-12m) from £3,600 Complicated Treatment (12m+) from £5,200 Lingual Braces Upper & Lower Treatment from £6,000

Payment Options

Standing Order Payments

For your convenience, as well as ours, we would prefer all monthly payments to be paid by standing order.  A standing order form will be provided with your treatment plan.

Monthly Pay As You Go Payments

Monthly payments can be paid at the time of appointment. However, as appointments are scheduled every 6 to 8 weeks, you may be required to make multiple monthly payments at your next  appointment. All treatment must be paid in full by the final appointment.

Full Fee Payment

If you wish to pay the full fee at the start of your treatment, a 5% discount will be applied.

Methods of Payment

We accept cash, credit, debit cards and cheques. We are unable
to accept payment via AMERICAN EXPRESS and DINERS.